Our Story

We have over 25 years of experience producing branded consumer products for sale and distribution in markets throughout the world. 

Michael Faass


China was a very different place 25 years ago. Once considered the world’s workshop for low quality plastics and textiles, China has reinvented itself as a global production and logistics hub with amazing capabilities in advanced manufacturing, product design, and engineering.

But nothing comes for free.

With these amazing developments has also come increased complexity and competition. To take full advantage of China’s manufacturing capabilities and cost advantages requires a strong network of on-the-ground contacts and a capable team with experience in all areas of manufacturing and product development.

The Panasia Solutions team has been on the ground, in the trenches of the Chinese manufacturing world for the past 25 years, witnessing firsthand the country’s rapid economic growth and quantum leap in manufacturing capability. Our experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing high quality products destined for markets throughout the world puts us in a unique position to help our customers develop their products from concept to consumer unlike any other firm.

We have the ability to work with firms of any size, from Indiegogo/Kickstarter start-ups to large established companies, with consistent attention to detail and customer focus. Our cross-disciplinary strength, diverse experience and connections in design, retail and branding has allowed us to take the lead in ODM consumer goods.

We focus on proper development and manufacturing principles to ensure quality, speed, cost efficiency and protection of supply chain and client IP. We are focused on providing needed engineering and manufacturing solutions on a per project basis.

Need More Info?

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