Charging Ahead: Panasia’s Cutting-Edge EV Charging Solutions

Revolutionizing electric mobility with innovative EV charging solutions. Learn how Panasia shaping the future of transportation by providing efficient, reliable, and sustainable charging infrastructure for electric vehicles of all types.

EV charging infrastructure is essential for the transition to electric mobility. It provides the backbone for convenient and reliable charging of electric vehicles, addressing concerns like range anxiety and accessibility. By investing in EV charging infrastructure, we pave the way for a sustainable transportation future, reducing emissions and improving air quality.

Our EV chargers are versatile and adaptable for various industries.


Residential EV charging stations in garages are essential for fostering eco-friendly communities of the future.


Catering to the growing demand for electric vehicles, commercial EV charging stations are becoming indispensable for businesses embracing sustainability.

Service Station

Service stations equipped with EV charging infrastructure are pivotal in meeting the evolving needs of electric vehicle owners on the go.

Parking Complex

Parking complexes are integrating EV charging infrastructure to accommodate the rising number of electric vehicles, offering convenience and sustainability for drivers.


Ensure continuous operation of trucking fleets with strategically located EV chargers, optimizing efficiency during scheduled stops.

Public Transportation

Enhance public transportation networks by integrating EV charging solutions, ensuring seamless operations for electric buses and sustainable mobility options for commuters.

Streamline Your Charging Needs with Our Comprehensive Solutions


Discover our reliable, fast, and efficient electric vehicle charging stations.

Panasia offers a range of electric vehicle fast chargers from 3.7kW to 600kW, available in portable, wall-mounted, or floor-standing options. Our diverse product range is tailored to suit various industries, reflecting our commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality solutions.

At Panasia, we are driven by a mission to combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.



Managing Panasia's Global Charging Network

Our charging stations are powered by cloud-based software, overseeing, organizing, tracking, and monitoring the health of Panasia charging stations and related data.

Get instant updates on EV charger information, including locations, hours, and pricing.

Flexibly adjust pricing to meet your needs.

Benefit from smart grid support tailored for commercial users and utilities.


Tailored Site Assessment and Planning

Offering custom site assessment and planning services to ensure optimal installation of charging infrastructure.

Our solutions drive technological advancement and foster sustainable development in the energy industry.



Flexible Maintenance & Support Solutions

Maintenance & Support plans are designed to ensure the ongoing operational efficiency of your charging stations. We monitor the health and reliability of your charging infrastructure, providing proactive usage tracking and swift, dependable support services.

Additionally, our solutions include smart grid support tailored for commercial users and utilities.

What are Panasia's advantages?

Decades of Manufacturing Expertise

Benefit from 25+ years of manufacturing experience in China, ensuring high-quality and reliable EV charging solutions built to last.

Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

Dedicated to sustainability and developing cutting-edge EV charging solutions that minimize environmental impact.

Global Network for Seamless Support

With a global network of partners and support, Panasia provides seamless service and assistance for EV solutions.

Customization Options

Offering customization options for ODM and OEM orders, tailoring EV charging solutions to your specific requirements and branding.